Wednesday, November 5, 2008

2 Tickets To Parasites

My first taste of Pho in Laos. We walked up and down the streets trying to decide on where to go. Justin had been to this little spot before, and he was still alive.
It was open to the sidewalk, hot, and a poodle with one eye was walking around. He was curly, once white, and the super cute house mascot. We pulled up some plastic chairs and ordered two chicken soups. I walked over to a small cold case and pulled out two bottles of water. Towards the back of the restaurant was a vinyl lawn chaise lounge occupied by a young man watching tv with no shoes on. When I say there is no 409 or windex for a thousand miles I mean it. And it's great.

Shortly after our order, he got up and delivered 2 glasses of ice water brimming with future shits and a side of rickety ass limes.
The nice woman delivered the soup. It was delicious salty broth with chicken that had been simmering since yesterday (sure!). There were bits of garlic and skin with the goosebumps still on them. Justin passed me some choppers and I said a hail Mary to my metal spoon.
At that moment, Justin was about to put his chopsticks in his mouth when I noticed the "Tranny Pink" shade of Wet N' Wild on the end of his utensil. I glances at it and said, "Uhh..dude, you might want to change that out". He did.
And we ate the hell out of those bowls as if our bowels were back at the room.

I'm happy to report as we rode to the market by tuk tuk and enjoyed the day, there was nary a barf or reeah among us.
Khop Jai!!


Laurie said...

P One in Laos!! You are far away but close to my heart. Love you Belle! Belle II

corinne said...

we miss you, but love reading the chronicles of rachel in a new world. be careful of ice water.